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1.Equipment for crushing and sowing marble and hard stone.


2.We have projected and assembled equipment for quartz sand drying and sorting. Which is used for machine mortar production,capacity Q=20t/h. It contains of : storage space for wet sand, capacity Q1=8m3; stripped conveyer belt for quartz sand dosage,capacity Q2=20t/h; place for drying,capacity Q3=20t/h; crawling shipper for dry sand drawing Q=20t/h; resonance’s sifter, capacity Q=20t/h; tree crawling shippers for sowed faction excluding from sifter to storage space, capacity Q=10t/h.



3.Equipment for quartz sand drying and sorting,capacity Q1,5t/h. It contains of:crawling shipper-dosage; place for sand drying;crawling shipper for dry sand, from place for drying to resonance’s sifter and containers for sowed faction receiving.

Users: D.O.O.GRANIT-SISTEM-Paracin, D.O.O.VEGO-Negotin, D.O.O.ALIS-Kikinda

4.Mobile separation, capacity Q=15t/h. It contains of:poured storage space, capacity Q=5m3; stripped shipper-from storage space to vibration sifter; vibration sifter-tree levels (for excluding four factions) capacity Q=15t/h; tree stripped shippers for transportation from sifter to storage space, capacity Q=7t/h.


5.Vibration sifter with changeable angle for sowing, capacity Q=3t/h for quartz sand, tree levels.

User: ALEKS-Skoplje