Transportna oprema


    - Striped conveyer belt
    - Crawling(creeping) conveyer belt
Freight elevator(crane)   




     We produce striped conveyer belts in many variants
       In relation with line’s width:
          - Of 500 mm
          - Of 650 mm
          - Of 800 mm
      In relation with supporting construction:
         -With latticed construction
         -With profile construction
         -In bridge etc
    The capacity is from 0,5 t/h to 150 t/h,that depends of a kind of material which is transported.


     We produce crawling conveyer belts:

  • Tube-shaped construction
  • Trough-shaped construction

The capacity from 0,1t/h to 30t/h, length of 1m to 30 m. Spiral diameter is from 100mm to 600mm. All in depends of its use and a kind of material, which is transported.




     Freight elevators are used for vertical and steep material transportation.We produce them for capacity from 0,5 t/h to 50 t/h and transport height from 1,5 m to 20 m.

All in depends of a kind of material, transport height and capacity we produce

  • Freight elevators with pails on line
  • Freight elevators with pails on chain.